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Manta Inspiration

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In case you wonder where we get the inspiration for some of the designs... they come from real life encounters in Mother Ocean. Our Manta Bay shirt was inspired by a magic moment. I was diving in Yap's Miil Channel and was alone at a beautiful sandy spot that holds some fan-covered coral heads that are cleaning stations. The sun was filtered by the sea and light was dancing on the sandy bottom. I was alone and hoping for a manta to swim by when an entire group appeared and paraded in front of me in the azure water column. Eventually they moved down to me by the cleaning station and stayed at 80 feet circling and playing. I waited until I was low on air, camera batteries and room on my camera card and had to leave this amazing spot. I got some wonderful photos and marveled at the curiosity of the rays and the wonderful interactions we had. I returned to Yap Divers a very happy camper and I revel in that marvelous encounter to this day.



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