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Purple-tipped Anemone Inspiration

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   Underwater photographers gravitate to these beautiful sea anemones that seem to attract clownfish (Nemos) and one-stripe anemonefish. Both fish are beautiful orange colored and contrast beautifully with the host purple-tipped sea anemones.

One anemone in beautiful Yap Caverns also has a purple underside, making it especially photogenic when waves make the anemone move and expose its undersides.


We have designed a couple of legging designs, some beach cover-up skirts and racerback Ts for ladies and All-over Ts for men using the colorful patterns we get from the anemones and bright colors from the clownfish residents. 

Here Rike from Yap Divers & Manta Ray Bay Resort models our leggings while checking her camera before a dive.

The leggings are great for watersports including swimming, snorkeling and diving.

Checking out a jellyfish at Slow & Easy Dive site:

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