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Spinner Dolphins by TIM ROCK

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Our latest design is our spinner dolphins leggings, shirts and iPhone cases. We are lucky here in Guam to have resident pods in many of the bays, especially along the calm west coast. We see them in Agat Bay, off Piti and Asan villages and up north at Double Reef.

Spinners in Yap

Their Latin or scientific name means long nose dolphin and that's how people tell them apart as they have long, slender snouts.

Spinners are seen in most of the world's warm and temperate oceans and are recognizable because they jump out of the water and do all kinds of amazing "aquabatics"... spinning, twisting and turning to the delight of onlookers.

   In Guam and many places with clear ocean water, they hunt by night using their built-in sonar and they sleep as a pod by day in shallow, protective bays where they are safe from large predators like sharks or pilot whales.

In Micronesia, we see them in Yap off Yap Caverns. In fact, in September a pod actually swam into the caverns while we were diving!! Kyangel Atoll in Palau has a resident school that hangs around the mouth of the lagoon there. They also venture into the channels by South Pass in Chuuk. They are so much fun to watch and they like riding the bow wave of a boat so you can get really close to them and see just what amazing swimmers they are... so strong, graceful and powerful.

In Hawaii, I have had the good fortune to swim with them off the Kona coast right in front of the airport and in beautiful Manuka Bay, which is part of a state park. You can park along the shore and watch them spin and play.


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