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The Sea in Black & White

Above: Blacktip Shark, Piti Marine Preserve, Guam

Sometimes the deep blue sea lends itself to the medium of black & white photography. The details and contrast of large creatures and intricate patterns are seen best in just two basic colors. Whales, whale sharks, mantas, barracuda schools and lots of other large ocean subjects come through amazingly well when converted to a nice contrasty black & white image. Below is Poahlang Pass in Pohnpei, where this huge school seems to always be there at tide change:

We've taken the open ocean and put it on some of our leggings. Most popular and notable are the barracuda school leggings and whale shark pattern leggings. Here we have the barracudas. The shot was taken in Palau and transferred to our comfortable and versatile active lifestyle leggings:

The whale shark's amazing pattern has also been the inspiration for one of our best selling pair of leggings. This whale shark was taken in Cenderawasih Bay in West Papua, Indonesia. We took out the blue cast and have an abstract that trasfers well to our leggings:

A lot of the sea's creatures lend themselves to dramatic Black & White shots. Have a look at this small gallery selection. All photos ©Tim Rock:

Great White Shark, Gaansbai, South Africa

Humpback whales, Toku, Tonga

Manta Ray, Yap, Micronesia

Baby Sea Turtle, Dimakya Island, Philippines

Mola Mola, Lembongan Island, Indonesia

The barracuda leggings have been very popular as have the whale shark pattern. Here award-winning underwater photographer Ann Donahue of Canada uses our leggings not for diving but for her morning Yoga:


 You can check our Black & White styles here. Click the Link:

Whale Shark Leggings

Barracuda Leggings



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